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What services do we provide?

Home Inspections:

All Home Inspections are performed in accordance with the standards maintained by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  A PDF file outlining the standards of practice and the Code of Ethics can be viewed by clicking here, (Code of Ethics).

Our reports are generated at the end of the inspection using a Tablet PC.  For the buyers who are present at the inspection, they will leave the home with the report in hand.  The buyers who cannot be present will receive a copy of the report in a PDF format by e-mail or by fax on the day of the inspection.  In either case, we conduct a thorough page-by-page review to give our clients a chance to completely understand the report.  A partial sample report may be viewed by clicking here, (Sample Report).

In some cases, additional information is needed to clarify the issues in a home.  We maintain a digital library of thousands of articles on construction practices.  This information is available to our clients during and after the purchase at no charge.  Please click here to view the article referenced in the sample inspection report, (Reference Article).

We try our best to be flexible in our scheduling to accommodate all parties involved in the inspection.  We are also willing to inspect properties beyond our local service area as requested by our clients.  Please contact Greg for further information.

Radon testing:

Radon is a colorless and odorless radioactive gas that decays to isotopes of bismuth, polonium and lead.  Because the source of the decay products is a gas, the decay products form an aerosol of heavy metals.  These elements can lodge in the lung tissue where they continue their radioactive decay.  We employ continuous Radon monitors to yield the most accurate short-term test.

Infrared imaging:

Infrared imaging is useful for determining areas of air infiltration that make a home hard to heat or uncomfortable to live in.  It is also the best way to inspect in-floor radiant heating systems.  It can be useful to identify some types of moisture infiltration.  To view a sample infrared survey report, please click here, (Infrared Report).

Water sampling:

We provide collection and transport services to a registered laboratory for water quality concerns.